Refund Policy

By signing up for service you agree to the refund policy stated. You also agree that HedgePhones can, at its own discretion, modify its privacy policy, with or without notice. The current refund policy is available on the HedgePhones web site via the internet url By using our services after any modification of the refund policy, you agree with the policy and its modifications. HedgePhones guarantee the client that its service will be working as offered in its website. A customer can ask for a refund on its unused balance under the present conditions: • If a customer is on a legacy plan and made a first deposit, but did not use its credits for the reason that they can’t use the service, for any reason, HedgePhones will refund 100% of the deposited amount to the client. • If a client made a monthly payment and does not want to continue with the service, for any reason other than the being unable to use the service, HedgePhones will cancel the service, but will retain the amount previously billed for the current month. If specifically requested by the client, HedgePhones will refund a pro-rated amount of the unused portion of the monthly bill when canceling service.